about.jpg SERAY CONSTRUCTION takes pride in providing prime locations, outstanding designs, attention to detail, superior quality and, above all, exceptional value for money. In fact, our slogan tells quite a lot about our company: GREAT LOCATIONS, INNOVATIVE DESIGN, QUALITY WORKMANSHIP, AFFORDABLE PRICES.
GREAT LOCATIONS: As a long-established builder, we are very aware of the importance of location, location, location. We focus on selecting prime locations with prominent mountain and sea views within easy access to Beirut. The value of a property is the location which may not be amended or changed like the colors of walls. We therefore select our sites so that they are exclusive, sought-after and well positioned both geographically and aesthetically with a view to offering our clients quality homes in beautiful locations.
INNOVATIVE DESIGN: From its inception, SERAY CONSTRUCTION has placed homeowner satisfaction as its number one priority. The team that heads SERAY CONSTRUCTION is dedicated to excellence and oversees the building of each home as though it were its own. Architectural floor plans are constantly updated and improved often as a result of suggestions by home buyers. QUALITY WORKMANSHIP: We are known for applying ourselves diligently to each project, right from conception to completion. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the uncompromising quality and punctuality ensured through the application of advanced construction techniques and management.
AFFORDABLE PRICES: SERAY CONSTRUCTION has always been associated with value for money. What sets us apart from our competition is the fact that we are simultaneously a general contractor and also a sub-contractor. Most general contractors are willing to oversee a certain task, but not execute it themselves. SERAY CONSTRUCTION stands in a position where it can oversee each job and complete each one with its own team. This enables the company to cut on costs and overhead expenses in order to offer prospective homeowners to best value for money.